About Us

Aston • Pearl, founded in 2002, provides highly personal service to ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families across a broad spectrum of lifestyle elements, from yachts and art to personal chefs and eldercare. Through Aston • Pearl, clients retain a team of experienced professionals to manage the non-financial aspect of their lives, just as family offices manage their financial investments. The firm’s main priorities for clients are to manage risk, to reduce errors and to provide a streamlined process to better manage their lifestyle.

Aston • Pearl is a trusted advisor to its clients, and ensures that clients maximize the value of their non-financial assets. We are in the lifestyle management business, helping clients think proactively, objectively and strategically about their non-financial lives. Our approach is unique.

The firm offers its services to families and their Single Family Offices on an objective fee-only basis, typically from $400-700/hour. Favorable retainer pricing is provided for long-term projects.

Typically, when purchasing costly goods and services, the wealthiest consumers contend with a fragmented market of specialized firms, which often charge transaction-based commissions and lack objectivity, wasting clients’ time and money. Now, with Aston • Pearl, there is an alternative.

Whether they are purchasing, selling, or just seeking the best possible objective advice, Aston • Pearl clients have immediate access to the firm’s proprietary global network, containing over 4000 experts and resources across 44 categories and 260 sub-categories.

The primary benefits Aston • Pearl provides to its clients are:

• Single point of contact; proactive approach
• Unbiased, objective information and services (not commission-based; all fees paid by clients)
• Full range of services, from research and advice to execution and ongoing management
• Retention based on individual project or specified period of time
• Privileged, exclusive access to special events and experiences
• Time and money savings
• Absolute discretion and confidentiality