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Some are fortunate enough to be faced with extraordinary choices. Few have the experience and expertise in all areas to select the options that will provide the best immediate and future results. We do.


Several branches of a family were convening a formal family council meeting for the first time in some years. The council would include three generations and would address some sensitive issues. Knowing that such events can be divisive, the family interviewed several professional facilitators yet had little way of evaluating which would be most effective for their particular situation.


After updating its appraisals, a family learned that four paintings in their large collection constituted 90% of its total value. They wondered whether this was an opportune time to sell, and if so, how they might do so discreetly.


The grandparents of a 12-year-old violin prodigy in the Far East wished to select the appropriate boarding school for her in the US and Europe. They hoped to speak to families who had been in a similar situation and wanted a detailed itinerary for visits to three schools under consideration and a multilingual escort to ensure that the trip ran smoothly.


A family's 27-year-old son was about to take on a leadership role in the family's foundation. He would be attending, and in some cases leading, business meetings in their community. Although a good listener, his presentation skills were unseasoned. The family had every confidence that he would develop these skills, yet they wished to speed up the timetable.


The lifestyle and concierge manager in a family office was increasingly overwhelmed with requests from a large second-generation group. The volume, variety, and complexity of responsibilities had grown beyond the manager's capacity. The family considered outsourced assistance but were unsure how to pursue and structure such an arrangement.


A 25th wedding anniversary celebration called for a once-in-a-lifetime event. The destination was St. Jean Cap Ferrat and the plans included travel, accommodations, and activities in the region for 30 guests. The family's trusted local resources were unequipped for the scope of the event.

We work closely with our clients to identify the values, needs and goals that are most important to them. Then we develop a unique, personalized plan that allows them to achieve those goals.

Aston • Pearl identifies areas where we can help clients conserve resources, time, and energy while enriching the experience of living