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Critical Incident Survival System

Catastrophes, whether man-made or natural, are an unfortunate fact of life. Yet most families are unprepared to handle these events when they arise.

At Aston • Pearl we believe that our clients should be the first to know about a sophisticated, cutting-edge new system for planning ahead and surviving crises.

To provide an informed and rational means to prepare for emergencies, experts began researching in detail over a dozen cataclysmic disasters such as:

Hurricane Katrina

Halifax munitions ship explosion of 1918

Hiroshima / Nagasaki

Haiti Earthquake

September 11, 2001


Tokyo subway Sarin gas release

In analyzing these varied disasters, it was critical to determine the key characteristics common to survivors and non-survivors.

With this detailed knowledge-based profile amassed and analyzed, the Critical Incident Survival System (CISS) was created, combining disciplined learning with practical, customizable solutions for personal survival.

CISS has four key points:

Knowledge base

CISS identifies each family’s unique circumstances to provide a site-specific emergency action guide for each family member at each residence, workplace, aircraft and watercraft.

Practical skill training

The CISS training curriculum teaches successful survival behaviors, provides hands-on training in critical skills and the use of the CISS backpack.

CISS backpack

The pack contains an efficient assortment of tools for survival, including:

Tools to provide potable water;
Respiratory protection/radiation detection;
Antidotes and key medications;
Communication tools (please see #4 below).

Communication Center

CISS supports a 24/7 communication center providing:

Field communications from a secure operations center located in New England with a backup location in the mid-Atlantic states;
Supporting text, email, phone and personal GPS messaging (cell, landline and satellite);
A central clearinghouse for coordinated instruction and action.

Above all, informed planning and thoughtful preparation is the first step to surviving a catastrophe.

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